Juni 28 2021

The List

For the 2021 / 2022 Year of Projects that’s starting on 4th July 2021, I’m aiming to post every Sunday, even if posts might be rather short, with just a progress pic and a few sentences to accompany it. My list of projects is not carved in stone, I guess I will delete some projects along the way, and add others that I like better instead. I will try to use up some of my stash but I’m not on a spending ban. I will, however, try to avoid buying on impulse, and stick to buying with a certain project in mind instead (wish me luck for that one, folks).

So here’s THE LIST:

  • finish Alpine Knit Scarf
  • knit a yoke sweater with the Drops Baby Merino I already own
  • knit a simple cardigan with the brown cotton yarn
  • knit a stranded yoke sweater with the Cool Wool yarns in my stash
  • finish the candy coloured Fox Paws
  • keep working on the scrap blanket, and if possible, finish it
  • knit a pair of Mojo socks for Steve and one for me
  • try the Querverweis sock pattern
  • knit a few more pairs for me
  • keep working on the 30 Blanket, and if possible, finish it
  • crochet the Clara Shawl
  • start a mosaic blanket
  • crochet a unicorn
Sewing / Patchwork:
  • sew two or three dresses
  • sew a few simple shirts
  • sew two or three skirts
  • sew a blouse or tunic
  • sew a bag that’s big enough for some photo equip yet small enough to be carried around
  • sew pillows
  • start the Everybody’s Favourite Quilt
  • look for a quilt pattern for a monochrome quilt
  • try the Hugs and Kisses pattern (Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine, issue 99)
  • finish my Simple Rag Quilt
  • design a monthly page for each month, and weekly pages for every week
  • make a junk journal
  • make my own stickers from photos or doodles
  • treasure-hunt for old paper and stuff to add to the junk journal
  • practice doodling / drawing a few times each week
  • declutter the craft magazines
  • find a few patterns in magazines that I want to make
  • declutter the craft books
  • find a few patterns in books that I want to make
  • try soap making
  • learn more about making cheese
  • learn Tunesian Crochet
  • block „Going to Stay Home“ scarf
  • block Reyna