Juli 1 2021

So, it’s starting

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Today is July 1st, the official start of the new Year of Projects 2021 – 2022. I already made and published THE LIST a few days ago (okay, who am I kidding? I did it a week or so ago because I’m impatient like that, and couldn’t wait to get started), and have since resisted the urge to knit up a storm (and thus finish projects I want to count for the new YoP) and / or start a gazillion new projects. So instead, I’m going to show you some of my long-term WIPs that I really really REALLY want to work on, and probably finish, some time this year.

my candy coloured Fox Paws

This is my candy coloured Fox Paws shawl, knit in BC Alba Fino cotton yarn. I just love the colours, they are so fresh and summer-y. Actually, this is not the kind of yarn the designer recommends for the pattern. Stacked stitches tend to produce a number of tiny holes so a wool yarn with some bounce would be better because the holes wouldn’t be so obvious. Cotton is rather stiff so the holes tend to show more – but to be honest, I kind of like it. These are my „to wear in summer“ colours anyway, so I’m calling this my lace version Fox Paws.

30 Blanket

The next WIP I really want to work on this coming year is my 30 Blanket, named after its starting date. I started it on our 30th wedding anniversary, and the original plan was to make 360 grannies – one for each month of our marriage – and finish it in time for our 31st anniversary, to cuddle under while we watch one of our favourite films. Unfortunately, I soon found out that 360 grannies wouldn’t be enough to get the size I wanted, and realized there was not even the slightest chance I could finish it in time. So I stuffed it into its project bag and shoved it out of sight. It’s such a lovely project, though, so I really don’t want to give it up for good. I love all those many colours and the seemingly endless ways to combine them and make every granny special and different from the others.

These are my two long-term WIPs. Other than that, I have a bunch of WIPs that are going to be frogged and restarted just slightly different. Like the yoke sweater I had been working on, and then decided to frog because the colours make it look cold and dated. Or the stranded sweater that I still love but want to restart as a yoke sweater because I don’t feel like steeking. And some WIPs – well, I have been working on them but haven’t even taken a photo yet so I’m going to show them later on.