Juli 11 2021

That’s some Mojo…

Or in other words: Tadaaaaaaa!

Mojos for Steve

Friday morning was cold and rainy, very much like an autumn day infact, so I sat down with a cuppa and my knitting and finished Steve’s new pair of Mojos. They brightened my mood to no end. Other than that, I added a few more rows to my scrap blanket that unfortunately, I haven’t taken a photo of yet.


I’ve spent some more time with my bullet journal, have completed the August layout, and have started working on the September layout.

Here’s August:

August front page
August photo tracker
August weekly layout

I guess the theme’s pretty obvious, even though my lighthouse looks kind of strange. That’s what happens when you draw something from memory without bothering to look at actual pictures first. I’ve put my daily photo tracker on the second page, the idea is to colour one segment in a parasol for each daily photo I take. Each parasol has six segments but August has 31 days, that’s why there’s a tiny folded parasol to the right of the beach chair. That’s the last one to be coloured. Well, hopefully, that is.
I chose another dutch door solution for the weekly layouts, with the days of the week written on the left, and a mini calendar going from left to right on top. I’ve left the right page of the layout blank, I might add to do lists, creative ideas, a few short notes or maybe even the odd diary entry, I don’t know yet. My book list, or to be more precise, the list of books I’ve read or listened to in August, is on the last week’s page.
To be honest, I wasn’t quite happy with my drawing, and am growing tired of dutch doors, so I decided on something different for September:

September front page
September goals / notes and book list
September weekly layout

This is probably as minimalistic as it gets for me. I used some of my washi stickers (theme: „Forrest Fog“, which seemed so appropriate, considering that I woke up yesterday to a November sky, all grey and foggy), a few scraps from an old envelope, some black washi tape and a few newspaper scraps. I included the daily photo tracker on the front page, I’ll use the tiny polaroid frames to track my progress. I don’t know yet if I’ll just colour them, stick some washi tape in, or maybe cut some colourful scraps from magazines. We’ll see.
The pages for goals / notes and my book list are next, again, I’ve used scraps from envelopes, a tiny newspaper scrap, black washi tape and a white gel pen. Quite minimalistic, but I like the „no nonsense“ vibe.
I’ve also set up the first week for September, again, polaroid frames to be filled with events, plans, dates, whatever. I’ve left the top and the bottom on the right side empty for now. I don’t think I really need a mini calendar, and I’d rather have some space left for to do lists, notes, or maybe a sticker or drawing. I’m seriously considering getting one of those tiny printers that you can hook up to your smartphone, and print your own photos on sticky paper. That would be a nice addition to my journal. Then again, those printers cost an arm and a leg but lack in quality so I suppose I’d be better off getting some nice quality sticky paper for my regular printer, and print my photos from my desktop computer.
All in all, my September layout is my favourite so far so I think I’ll stick to it for the rest of the year. Less drawing, more scraps and washi tape and stickers.
In case you want to know – I’m using an Amazon Basics notebook in size A5, dot grid, 120 g /m². It’s an okay quality, the paper is quite smooth and white, and my usual brush pens and very thin fineliners don’t bleed through. Only the calligraphy fineliners do (the one I used to write the „36“ in the first September weekly) but I don’t mind too much. I haven’t yet tried watercolour or gouache paint on that paper, I suppose it will warp a bit – but then again, it’s just a notebook, not an artist sketch book, so there will be limits to what the paper can take, and that’s totally fine. I chose this notebook because it comes in a set of two (one blue, one black – the black / grey were sold out *bummer*) and is rather cheap. If I stick to bullet journaling, I can still buy a better quality one next time.

And that’s it for this week. Or, as Steve put it: „It’s only July, why in the world are you planning ahead for September?“ Because August was already done and dusted, dear.