August 1 2021

Knitting Through The Rough Times

Hello lovelies, here I am, back home after a difficult week. I missed last week’s YoP update because Steve had to take me to hospital on Friday with stomach cramps and pains and a general feeling of „meh“. I was released this Thursday, and without wanting to go into detail, I finally have a diagnosis and know now what it is that has been bothering me for almost three years. Nothing a little dieting can’t fix, or at least amend. It was the not knowing that was the really hard part. Now that I’m back home, I’m determined to change my diet, go for walks more often, and generally do what I can to improve my condition.

This is what I did to keep me sane. (I don’t have to explain that one, do I?) I packed my knitting along with my nighties, undies and towels, and spent almost all of Sunday knitting and finishing that sock. This is what was supposed to become my pair of Mojos but I didn’t like the pattern with this yarn, so I frogged it and decided on plain vanillas. Sock 2 was started on Monday, with good intentions galore, but Monday around lunch time the nurse handed me the bag that Steve had left for me in the morning (he wasn’t allowed in because of Covid restrictions, and also because I was thought to be contagious – presumed tummy bug – so he left the bag at the information desk), and in it were – among more undies – my laptop and my Alpine Knit Scarf, so I spent most of Monday watching the Saturday morning part of our annual convention, and afterwards listening to an audio book while adding a few rows to Alpine Knit Scarf.

Now this is what I would have shown you had I not been taken to hospital. I’ve played around some more with my October journal layout and decided to add some more magazine cuttings and a few butterflies. I’m not totally in love with it but it’s a completely different layout from the other ones so far, and it was so much fun to try something new. As you can see, I did not add any shapes or outlines to the daily photo page (and here’s another pro tip: don’t use cheap glue sticks, they won’t stick – see the messy parts where the paper doesn’t stick to the page below? I’ll have to cut them open with a knife and then either glue the paper back on or rip parts of it out *sigh*). So to keep track of how many photos I’ve taken during the month, I will add … no, I won’t tell you yet, you’ll have to wait for October.

I’m starting August on a much more positive note than all the months before. I bought the „Strandwanderer“ pattern today and can’t wait to cast on. I’ve promised myself to finish the second sock first, though. And maybe add a few more rows to Alpine Knit Scarf.

Juli 21 2021

Using Scraps in Journaling

Thank you so much to all of you who have shown so much interest in my bullet journal. Since there have been so many questions about the tutorials I watched, and Marsha asked about how I use my scrap paper in my layouts, I made a short video today to show you. (BTW, massive thanks to my husband for helping me with the filming. You rock, dear!)

I’ll add a few links to my favourite video tutorials, channels, flipthroughs, whatevers. Hope you’ll find them just as interesting and inspiring as I did.

Well, so much for today. Please let me know if you find any of this helpful, I’d like to hear your thoughts. And if you come across any other interesting videos and tutorials, please leave a comment.

Juli 18 2021

Not That Much Happening

At least not on the crafting front. I worked two days in a new job and found out that it just isn’t meant to be. I do like the job (filling duvets and pillows with downs and feathers – I especially love making baby blankets and baby pillows, I keep imagining a pregnant woman opening the packet and telling the bump that her/his bed is ready and waiting) but I can’t stand the downs. They are so light and airy, just one touch sends them off flying, and they get into everything, and I really mean EVERYTHING. I even found some in my bra at night. (My mom said if I kept collecting them I’d have my own duvet in no time.) I wore a mask at work and still had trouble breathing for the entire day and evening so I suppose that even though I’m not exactly allergic, my body won’t tolerate working in that environment for long, so I’ll have to quit soon. It’s a shame because the hours are great (no night shifts, no weekends, mostly mornings) and they pay good wages – but my health is more important.

One of the projects on my list this year is treasure hunting for stuff to use in my bullet journal, art journals and junk journals, and here’s what I got this week. This is scrapbooking paper that I bought on Amazon. It was advertised as 360 pieces, and while I realized there would be scraps of different sizes, I wasn’t quite prepared for this:

Some of the scraps are not just small, they’re tiny, and the quality isn’t what I suspected either. The colours look faded, but not vintage-faded, just dull – ugly – „we don’t put much effort into this“ – faded. I know I will be able to use all of the scraps some way so I will get my money’s worth in the end but I won’t order from that seller again. There are some Etsy shops that sell vintage paper and ephemera, I think I’ll try one of them next time.
On the plus side – my mom gave me some magazines my brother didn’t want to keep any longer, and I think I’ll use some of them for journaling. After I’ve read them, of course.

The only „real“ crafting I did was cast on a new pair of Mojos, this time for my own feet. The yarn is a hand-dyed yarn from Wollpapst from way back when Marion still dyed sockyarn. The shop still exists but these days, she just sells the materials for dyeing. The colours in this 4ply range from deep purple and dark brown to dark petrol.

All in all, this has been a week of frustration, disappointment and bad news. Tuesday brought heavy rain and floods a few villages over where members of our congregation live. Fortunately, they were all okay, some had to cope with power outages for a few hours, and had to pump water out of their cellars but by Wednesday, things were back to almost normal over here. Other parts of Germany have been hit much harder, with houses collapsing and being washed away, dams breaking, villages being evacuated, and what’s worst, the numbers of fatalities still rising. More than 100 confirmed deaths so far, and still many more people unaccounted for and maybe trapped in flooded cars and houses. Watching the news is heartbreaking.

If I had to sum up this week in three words, it would be these: